In a genuine major emergency you can either:


Dial 999 for an ambulance


Go straight to the Accident & Emergency  Dept.


If you are not sure what to do, telephone 01484 715324     




If an urgent problem arises that cannot wait for an appointment, telephone 01484 715324  and ask for advice.

During working hours phone and try to arrange transport down to the Surgery if you can.  You will be seen quicker and with better facilities at the Surgery than if the doctor has to visit you at home.

Out of hours, also telephone  01484 715324, have a pen and paper to hand and listen carefully to the recorded message.

Be prepared:-

If you or someone you look after has a long term condition (such as diabetes, asthma or heart trouble) always be prepared.  Make sure you have enough supplies of required medication and know what to do if the condition worsens.  If you are unsure, ask your GP.

Some examples of major EMERGENCIES:

Severe Chest Pain

Especially in the centre of the chest with feeling sick or cold or with breathing difficulties.

Needs urgent assessment.


Breathing difficulties

These are serious if the person is gasping or panting for air, choking or unable to swallow or speak.


High temperature

Look out for a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius, or a stiff neck, cramps or vomiting.  Call if in doubt.


Serious injuries

Such as head injuries, eye injuries, deep cuts, serious burns or the possibility of broken bones - are all best treated in a Casualty Department.



Any collapse, loss of consciousness, fit or if the person cannot be woken - should be treated seriously.


Stomach Pains

Persistent stomach pains especially severe ones which may be associated with vomiting.


Allergic reactions

Serious ones which may cause difficulty in breathing or a widespread rash.